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Based on Venus' suggestion I've been trying to get to know my Brokers better.  Most are very talkative and love sharing their life stories in the TPL.  The Fizzy however has been like a closed book and very evasive whenever asked a direct question.  My other Brokers have even started chastising him for not sharing anything.

Some 1-on-1 time with The Fizzy, some synthehol, and a visit to Panda Panda Panda seems to have worked!   I'm also floored at what he shared - the underground of the TPL.  He noticed my reaction immediately and has clammed back up, so not sure when I'll get more secrets from him.

Look around at what he's shared.  All sorts of great tools, login with cold storage, a place for community sharing, and plenty of room to expand.  

Back to investigating what this place has to offer.