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Projects based on CyberBrokers

Lost Paradigms
Leader: digidot
Artists: visual_swim, gabrielisonline
Technical: dievardump, 0xMikeMikeMike, T1P_T03
Marketing: BitcoinMadame
A community-led generative banner project inspired by the world of The Paradigm Lost. Each Paradigm is a moment that might materialize from imagining the lore.
Era Novum
Creator: ojasuno
All sorts of great info on CyberBrokers
Github Repo: Assets
Creator: CarTarL
All the CyberBrokers assets in a single place for creators to easily grab and use.
NFTs and metadata in SVG, PNG, CSV, JSON, and may other formats.
Creator: dievardump
Twitter and other banner creations using your Brokers
replace your own Broker IDs in examples below Gallery
Creator: ratchitect
Visual gallery of CyberBroker Talents and Mecha
Creator: Samalot
Broker viewing/layer tool using all on-chain calls
Broker AI Chat
Creator: cbgb
A discord bot using AI to converse with you