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Welcome to The Fizzy

CB 2295 The Fizzy
The Fizzy

The underground market of The Paradigm Lost (TPL), literally hidden between the blocks and pixels of the CyberBrokers (CB) metaverse it serves. 

Here you can find things before they are available on The Strip above, and things that never will be.

It’s named after the flamboyant Leftover that runs it.  They say he has more connections and is slicker than any Politician, while also being more well liked…  Whatever you do though, don’t mention he looks like Elvis.

Keep your Brokers safe!

Halloween Brokers

Check out the CyberBrokers Halloween Broker tool to dress up your broker for the holiday.  Soo many choices, which will you pick?  Make sure to share them on Twitter !

New: Lazy Lore

The TL;DR if you don't have time to fully read each Chapter.  The easy way to catch up.

New: Community Fund

A fund of up to 60 ETH available to empower the CyberBrokers community to bring epic ideas to life.  Full details in the newsletter.

Podcast: Ben Heidorn

Solidity Galaxy Brain podcast.  Great detailed discussion about the CyberBrokers contracts with cybourgeoisie and a lot of background information on his path in crypto to this point.  List to podcast for more.